Enviroparks Hirwaun will:

  • use up to 238,000 tonnes of non-hazardous waste per year from within the region
  • accept non hazardous household residual waste along with non hazardous commercial and industrial waste – 90% from South Wales
  • produce enough electricity for 25,000 homes per year delivered via an underground cable to the Hirwaun Sub Staiton and then to the National Grid.        
  • divert 90% of wastes received from landfill
  • aims to create up to 100 permanent jobs, many of them highly skilled, for the energy plant (this will double during the construction stage). Further jobs will be created during the development of the High Energy User co located on the Enviroparks site.                
  • hit Welsh Government recycling targets
  • offer a viable alternative to incineration  

In addition to the clear environmental benefits brought by Enviroparks Hirwaun in terms of diverting waste from landfill to produce clean energy, there are also significant economic benefits for a South Wales Valleys region.

We are now lining up major high energy users to set up on the park, attracted by savings of as much of 20% on their energy bills. It is hoped this production of subsidised electricity will act as a catalyst for the further regeneration of Hirwaun Industrial Estate.

Local people in the communities of Rhigos, Hirwaun and Penderyn will also be benefiting from a fund that Enviroparks will pay into over the next ten years to improve energy efficiency in the area through insulation and double glazing, and to enhance biodiversity in the natural environment. This fund will be administered by the independent Community Interest Company and will make £60,000 available every year for the next 10 years. It is anticipated that this funds could attract match funding further delivering benefit.

As a Welsh company we are proud that Wales is leading the way in the waste to energy sector, and that the region and country will derive significant benefits in the long term.