Development Programme

The Phase 1 Fuel Preparation building is now completed along with the associated site infrastructure such as the gatehouse, fencing, roads and weighbridge. Whilst the site is now permitted for operations Enviroparks have delayed operations so as not to conflict with the next construction phase.

The environmental permit variation works have commenced as they form an integral part of the design process to ensure that the final design and operation of Enviroparks is totally compliant with environmental legislation. This works runs in parallel with the plant design. During this process Enviroparks will work with Natural Resources Wales to ensure adequate public consultation takes place. This will be led by Natural Resources Wales as part of their responsibilities, supported fully by Enviroparks.

Enviroparks also intends to submit an updated planning application both to RCT and BBNPA to take into account any changes to layout that are informed by the final design and any additional permit considerations derived from consultation. Enviroparks will again advise the public and the statutory consultees on any changes proposed to allow those to be examined and if necessary will amend the final designs.

It is now estimated that the site (outside construction) will employ around 90 personnel to operate the plant on a shift basis. Recruitment for these jobs will commence